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About Dr. Santor

Award-Winning Leader with NASA

& Fortune 100 Experience

Dr. Santor Nishizaki is the Founder and CEO of the Mulholland Consulting Group, LLC. Santor created MCG to create a happier workplace by helping organizations increase generational awareness and discover strengths that can elevate individuals to reach their full potential.

He is an expert on facilitating training/keynote speeches remotely as well as in person. He is a Gallup®-Certified Strengths Coach and focuses on helping people achieve their purpose using their CliftonStrengths.

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Working With Gen Z: Recruit, Retain, and
Reimagine the Future Workforce

Generation Z has arrived to the working world, and they’re here with their own set of workplace expectations. If employers intend to recruit top talent, they need to be ready to meet the unique challenges this vibrant generation will bring to the workforce.

Working with Gen Z will allow you to keep the competitive advantage in shaping the future of “work” for the newest set of top talent in the twenty-first century.


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Impactful content that is personal, authentic, engaging and designed just for your audience.

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Build engaged, high-performing teams with live or virtual training from Mulholland Consulting Group


Working With Gen-Z and a “how-to” guide for first-time and emerging leaders coming soon


Helping organizations achieve greater success by improving performance, communication and harmony in the workplace

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“After Santor’s training, we saw a dramatic improvement in our Morale Survey comments regarding our supervisors and management team.”

Alyssa Alderman

Vice President of Human Resources, Los Angeles Jewish Home

“Santor brings good facts that he incorporates into the discussion and we became more aware and inclusive after his training”

Kris Allison

CEO, Burnham Benefits Insurance Services

“Santor was the leadership glue that brought them together for a cause and he uncovered individual strengths and talents that helped move the city forward.”

Jim Collison

CliftonStrengths Community Manager and Podcaster at Gallup

Real Leadership Experience

Having prior corporate experience both domestically and overseas has enabled Santor to understand and accomplish complex business objectives on the local and global stage and to apply PRACTICAL training, rather than theories that won’t work in the real-world. He is an expert on facilitating training/keynote speeches remotely as well as in person.

Before working overseas as a project manager for a Fortune 100 company, Santor worked at a NASA Center as a subcontracts manager and received the Dr. Charles K. Witham Environmental Stewardship Award. More recently, Santor gained C-Suite experience in the public sector working as an (Acting) City Manager in the Los Angeles Area during the pandemic.

In addition to his training and consulting experience, Dr. Nishizaki is a Ph.D. and MBA professor who has taught subjects such as leadership, diversity in the workplace, marketing, management, global supply chain, and entrepreneurship. He is an expert on instructional design and e-learning and teaches these courses at Pepperdine University’s PhD program, which is ranked as one of the top Organizational Leadership programs in the country.

Leadership & Speaking:

Dr. Santor's Mission

Dr. Santor’s mission is to build strong corporate cultures that make a positive impact on local communities and stakeholders by facilitating the discovery and appreciation of individual and organizational strengths, and developing outstanding organizational leaders.

Santor specializes in keynotes, training and advising organizations from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors that are interested in growing their Millennial and Generation Z employment engagement, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion, team-building, strategic planning, interpersonal skills, and leadership development, using a strengths-based approach.