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Leading Within An Organization: A Story Of Entrepreneurship With Ofo Ezeugwu

Have you ever had a terrible landlord? On this episode, we’ll hear from Forbes 30 Under 30 Winner and CEO and Founder of WhoseYourLandlord, talk about how he got to where he is today as a first-generation immigrant to building his company... Read More

Leading Within An Organization: The Importance Of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) With Erin Zaikis

Corporate social responsibility isn’t just a buzzword. It’s hugely important for companies nowadays to take a stand on issues that affect not only them but the citizens of the world. As entrepreneurs, we need to be fully aware of our... Read More

Personal Leadership: Lessons For Emerging And First-Time Leaders About Perseverance And Balancing Parenting From An Olympic-Medal Winner With Jeremiah Brown

What makes a good leader is more than just managing the people around you. Personal leadership is a telling trait and an essential skill for individuals in that role. Today’s guest has a fascinating story and is a prime example... Read More

Leading Within An Organization: Understanding And Preventing Bullying At Work With Dr. Jennifer Kwoon

Bullying at work is one of the biggest challenges any business leader could face. It messes up the workplace culture and causes serious imposter syndrome to many. For Dr. Jennifer Kwoon, bullying is nothing but mere power dynamics. Joining Dr.... Read More

Personal Leadership: Hacking Happiness With Penny Locaso

You can’t be successful without being happy. That is how Penny Locaso defines success. It is for this reason that after 16 years working for a global giant, at the top of her game, she left everything to focus on... Read More

Leading Others: How To Lead Others And Maintain Work-life Harmony With Natalie Marie Ramirez

Leaders don’t only strive for their goals: they have to live up to expectations, manage perceptions, and set an excellent example for the organization. Natalie Marie Ramirez, Finance Programs Lead at a major aerospace corporation, joins Dr. Santor Nishizaki as... Read More

Leading Within Your Organization: How To Future-Proof Your Organization In The New World Of Work With Kian Gohar

With the rapid evolution of technology and the lasting impact of the pandemic, the future of work has become pretty unorthodox. Hybrid workplace setups are becoming widespread, and a company’s success is often dictated by its digital capabilities. Dr. Santor... Read More

Leading Yourself: Professional Development To Level Up Your Leadership Skills With Stephen Kalayil

In this transitional age, workplaces can consist of folks from four generations, with Baby Boomers meeting Gen Z and Millennials working alongside Gen X. As you bring a diverse group together, how can you bridge the gap and promote professional... Read More

Leading Within an Organization: The Importance of Personal Branding To “Lead Up” With John Livesay

Even as a child, we get nicknames that we carry with us throughout our lives. Behind that moniker is a story, great or not, that ultimately becomes our reputation. Other people may give us the name but the narrative about... Read More

Leading Others: HR 101 For First-Time Leaders With Katie Smith

Talent comes in all forms and sizes. This includes the diversity of the folks we work with and how we express ourselves in how we dress and speak. It takes a great leader to see potential, and a big challenge... Read More