Dr. Santor Nishizaki

Millennial and Generation Z Author, Speaker, Advisor, Trainer and Thought Leader

Dr. Santor Nishizaki is the Founder and CEO of the Mulholland Consulting Group, LLC. Santor created MCG to create a happier workplace by helping organizations increase generational awareness and discover strengths that can elevate individuals to reach their full potential.

Having prior corporate experience both domestically and overseas has enabled Santor to understand and accomplish complex business objectives on the local and global stage and to apply PRACTICAL training, rather than theories that won’t work in the real-world. He is an expert on facilitating training/keynote speeches remotely as well as in person. He is a Gallup®-Certified Strengths Coach and focuses on helping people achieve their purpose using their CliftonStrengths.

Before working overseas as a project manager for a Fortune 100 company, Santor worked at a NASA Center as a subcontracts manager and received the Dr. Charles K. Witham Environmental Stewardship Award. More recently, Santor gained C-Suite experience in the public sector working as an (Acting) City Manager in the Los Angeles Area during the pandemic.

Santor's Mission

“Treating your employees with empathy and empowering them will make your organization more profitable—and it's just the right thing to do.”

Dr. Santor specializes in keynotes, training and consulting organizations from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors that are interested in growing their Millennial and Generation Z employment engagement, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion, team-building, strategic planning, interpersonal skills, and leadership development, using a strengths-based approach.

About Dr. Santor





Award-Winning and Experienced Leader with Proven, Data-Backed Success

Santor has published domestic and international articles about Millennials in the workplace, mentoring, and leadership and is currently writing a book about working with Generation Z. Santor is also writing a “how-to” guide for first-time and emerging leaders by interviewing over 100 Millennial leaders from multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies, winners of Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur’s 27 Under 27, a CNN Hero, government, nonprofit, and educational organizations. Also, in 2017, Santor was honored with JCI’s 40 Under 40 Award.

In addition to his training and consulting experience, Dr. Nishizaki is a Ph.D. and MBA professor who has taught subjects such as leadership, diversity in the workplace, marketing, management, global supply chain, and entrepreneurship. He is an expert on instructional design and e-learning and teaches these courses at Pepperdine University’s PhD program, which is ranked as one of the top Organizational Leadership programs in the country.

Dr. Nishizaki has a true passion for people and for making a positive impact in the workplace.