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Did you know that almost 60% of leaders never received training on how to lead people when they transitioned into their first leadership role, and “50% of managers in organizations are rated as ineffective?” -Center for Creative Leadership

In addition, Gallup’s research found that 70% of employee engagement can vary based on an employee’s supervisor, and 1 in 2 employees will leave their organization in their career due to their boss. Being a leader has a tremendous impact on an organization and can be compared to giving someone the keys to a car before they pass their driver’s test.

Having experience as an entry-level leader up to the C-Suite, I noticed that people get thrown into leadership roles without any training or coaching on how to lead, which can be highly challenging for the people who work for this leader, and the leaders themselves.

This podcast (and future book) aims to be a RESOURCE for future and first-time leaders whose organizations do not have the resources to invest in coaching or training for their entry-level managers. In addition, we wanted these leadership stories to be RELEVANT and APPLICABLE and in the voice of someone who just dealt with these issues or may still be dealing with them.

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Award-Winning Guests

Nelly Cheboi

Founder of Techlit Africa

Forbes 30 Under 30

Topic: Personal Leadership – Overcoming Adversity

Brian Loo

Senior Director of Operations Development at Meow Wolf

Former Star Wars Land Producer

Topic: Teamwork, Collaboration, and Office Politics

Jeremiah Brown

Keynote Speaker

Olympic Silver Medalist

Topic: Personal Leadership – Perseverance & Parenting

Erin Zaikis

Founder of Sundara

Forbes 30 Under 30

Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Jennifer Kwoon

Co-Founder of Illumentia

Organizational Psychologist

Topic: Bullying at Work

Eliana Turan

Board Member The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland

LGBTQ Activist

Topic: LGBTQ Support

Tommy Marzella

Director, TrevorSpace

Board of Director, May Dugan Center

Topic: Innovation, Creativity, and DE&I

Stephen Kalayil

Branch Chief/Senior Program Manager at U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Professional Development Expert

Topic: Professional Development

Natalie Carpenter

Finance Lead, Aerospace Company

Leadership and Personal Development Advocate

Topic: Leading Up & Parenting

April Hansen

Group President, Aya Healthcare

Nurses 40 Under 40,
Featured in NYT

Topic: Worklife Harmony

Kendall Bronk, Ph.D

Principal Investigator, Adolescent Moral Development Lab

Professor of Psychology

Topic: The Science of Purpose

Ryan Clopton-Zymler

Director, Race, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Featured on Cleveland.com

Topic: DE&I

Penny Locaso

Chief Happiness Hacker, HackingHappy.co

Bestselling Author and Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Topic: Hacking Happiness

Blake Resnick

Founder & CEO,

Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Topic: Gen Z Start-Up Leadership

Paul Epstein

Bestselling Author, Chief Impact Officer, PurposePo

Former NFL/NBA Success125 Leader

Topic: Playing Offense and Living your Purpose

Pete Blaber

Founder & CEO, AddArmor.com

Delta Force Commander and Bestselling Author

Topic: Common Sense Leadership


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