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How to Engage Gen-Z Workers? Raise Your Game

Three ways to improve employee retention among an outspoken generation.


4 Mentoring Lessons Gen Z Can Learn From the Karate Kid Trilogy and Cobra Kai

The latest season of Cobra Kai, along with The Karate Kid trilogy, has some tremendous mentoring takeaways. Here are four of the most important lessons for Gen Z.


Six Tips To Keep Gen-Z From ‘Quiet Quitting’

There has been a shift in the workplace culture. Some employees are going from “The Great Resignation,” in which they outright quit, to “quiet quitting,” which means they do the bare minimum and nothing more.


3 Ways to Avoid the Quiet Quitting of Your Gen Z Employees

Create a more engaged workforce and keep your best talent.

Psychology Today

It's Time for "Loud Leadership"

Quiet dynamics do not work for new generations of workers.


How to Prevent Your Employees From Quiet Quitting

The concept of “quiet quitting” is growing in popularity, particularly among young employees.

Fast Company

Gen Z doesn’t want to go back to the office without these 3 things

Workers generally want more flexibility, but these things are also important to the youngest cohort of employees.

Psychology Today

Tools for Louder Leaders to Repair the Quiet Workplace

It is necessary to address the concerns that underlie quiet quitting.


3 Leadership Takeaways from HBO's 'Hard Knocks: Detroit Lions'

Here are some ready-to-use leadership themes from ‘Hard Knocks: Detroit Lions’ that managers can implement today to help keep their teams more engaged.

Boston Globe

Simone Biles, teacher

She is showing her generation that there is a price to be paid for ignoring the warning signs of stress on long-term mental health.

Psychology Today

Gen Z and Workplace Bullying, Ghosting, and Cancel

New survey data sheds light on emerging issues in the workplace.

Psychology Today

9 Things Gen Z Employees Want Post-Pandemic

New research provides critical data for transgenerational

Wall Street Journal

Thanks to Remote Work, Many in Gen Z May Never Work
in an Office. Will It Matter?


Leadership is What Gen Z Needs Most as We Exit the Pandemic

College Recruiter

How to onboard and retain Generation Z once you get them to “like” your organization


The Big Quit: Who’s Leaving and Where Are They Going?

EHS Today

Getting Gen Z to Like Our Companies



How a Strengths-Based City Has Thrived During Difficult Times -- Called to Coach

Elizabeth Alcantar, mayor of Cudahy, and her associates join to talk about the incredible success of bringing CliftonStrengths to Cudahy, California.

Pamela Green

How Today's Headlines Impact a Multigenerational Workforce

A pandemic, civil unrest, and an economic downturn, all of these and more are hitting every generation, but how? Hear from two leaders this week to talk to us about the fact, data, and experience of how the generations are coping.


The TL Show - BVTV Today's Leaders


MindDog TV - Gen Z in the Workplace

Finding the Good Life

Season 2 Episode 22 of "Finding the Good Life"

Office Hours - David Meltzer

How Today's Headlines Impact a Multigenerational Workforce


Playmakers Podcast

Season 2 Episode 22 of "Finding the Good Life"

Mindshine Podcast

Better begins in the mind - The Mindshine Podcast

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